With over twenty years of experience as a lawyer working in company-law, I am a seasoned expert who can achieve your goals fast. I will think along with you and take your needs into consideration into formulating the most optimal approach. Every case is different, for which I aim to find a bespoke solution.

Company law

My practice focusses on company law in a broad sense: corporate governance, joint ventures, shareholder disputes, contracts and liability.


In a clear-cut fashion I facilitate transactions in company law, such as the sale and transferal of companies, liquidations, creation of joint ventures and other cooperation’s (such as distribution and agency), stock emissions, shareholder financing, restructuring and borrowings.

Financial law

I often represent companies in matters of financing, securities, obligations of banks, termination of financing, restructuring and eviction issues. Apart from this, I consult and litigate concerning liability of financial professionals.


I have extensive experience in litigating in the before mentioned areas of law, for example shareholder disputes, impasses, dividend-policy, mismanagement, director liability, breach of contract and distribution disputes. This involves for instance substantive proceedings at the court of justice, proceedings at the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, arbitrations as well as proceedings of binding nature.

My practice focusses on company law in a broad sense.

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